Spela bättre golf

Förbättra ditt spel och öka dina coaching skills.

En möjlighet för alla PGA medlemmar att förbättra främst ert eget spel och förhoppningsvis era elevers spel på banan. Vi kommer att träna och spela under fyra härliga dagar i Spanien tillsammans med Mark Dewdney som är med er både på träningen och banan.

”Coaching is as much about the way things are done as about what is done . The means and style of communication used ” John Whitmore , Coaching for Performance . He went on ”Coaching is not merely a technique to be wheeled out . It’s a way of thinking , a way of managing , a way of treating people , a way  of being .Coaching is not teaching at all, but is about creating the conditions for learning and growing , embarking on a personal development journeying.”

”Coaching puts attention on future possibilities , not past mistakes . Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own potential . Coaching requires expertise in coaching , but not in the subject at hand . Coaching must think of people in terms of their potential , not their performance . The underlying and ever present goal of coaching is building the self -belief of others , regardless of the content of the task.


Every golfer is unique, improving and developing in different ways. Mark has the rare ability to quickly evaluate how best to help the player in front of him. With his vast experience and wealth of knowledge he has the resources to guide any player to better golf. Any golfer spending time in his company will be the better for it.

David Leet.


Datum vecka 1  12/2 - 17/2

Datum Vecka 2 19/2 - 23/2

Vecka 1 12/2 - 17/2  - Totalt 13 295 kr

Vecka 2 19/2 - 23/2 - Totalt 13 995 kr

Mark Dewdney


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