Stopping power with wedges: A case study

Vi presenterar ett webbinar av och med Dr Rob Neal och Layne Savoie där dom presenterar en del av sin forskning kring wedgespel.


Stopping Power is a concept surrounding the contributing factors of any trajectory and green surface combination that enable a ball to stop.

Dr Rob Neal och Layne Savoie och PGA erbjuder ett gratis webinar för er PGA medlemmar. Missa inte detta unika tillfälle att få ta del värdefull information som kan hjälpa dig vare sig du är spelare eller tränare.


Den 6 april 20.00 – 21.30

Webbinaret är kostadsfritt och öppen för alla PGA medlemmar.

Zoom-länk kommer skickas ut inför mötet.

Max deltagarantal är 300. Först till kvarn gäller.



Dr. Rob Neal:

Dr. Robert Neal is the founder and head of Golf BioDynamics. He holds a PhD in Biomechanics from the University of Queensland. Dr. Neal’s thesis while completing his Master’s Qualifying degree was the first 3D kinematic and kinetic evaluation of the golf swing. Dr. Neal is a trusted name in biomechanics along with motor skill acquisition as he does applied research and has developed tools to take his knowledge further. Dr. Neal is an expert in the measurement of golf swing mechanics and the application of theory to golf coaching. He utilizes advanced methods of analysis and biofeedback training to improve the effectiveness of his golf coaching skills. Dr. Robert Neal has worked with numerous touring professionals, teaching professionals and golf club professionals to develop training programs for any type of player.


Layne Savoie

PGA, Teaching Professional

Layne Savoie is a co-founder of WedgeCraft, a wedge play data collective he created with Dr. Rob Neal that is committed to developing a comprehensive model for learning the wedge play art form through coaching and science-based methods.  A New Orleans native, Layne has been a playing professional, teacher, NCAA coach, and PGA professional. With a love for competitive golf and player development, He has been mentored by some of the best teachers in the game including Chuck Cook, Ben Doyle, David Leadbetter, Mac O’Grady, and Mark Blackburn throughout the years.  Now living in Birmingham, AL,  Savoie enjoys wedge data research and full swing coaching for his clientele at Greystone Golf and Country Club.