New European PGA Alliance formed to connect National PGAs in Europe

Europe’s PGAs now have the opportunity to join the newly founded “The European PGA Alliance”. During “The Open 2023” in Liverpool, England, the PGA of Sweden and PGA of Germany founded “The European PGA Alliance”; in the meantime, the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland, PGA of Norway, PGA of France and PGA of Spain have already joined the alliance. In doing so, Europe’s most important PGAs are repositioning themselves in the golfing political landscape and lending weight to their collective voice; other member countries are cordially invited to join the new alliance!

Liverpool/England – “Our aim is to promote cooperation between the national PGAs in Europe. Our vision is to make the national PGAs and their members the most valuable assets of golf on their own market,” says Marcus Lindell, the President of the PGA of Sweden. The alliance will consist exclusively of national European PGAs working together for mutual benefit. For Johan Hampf, PGA of Sweden Managing Director, one thing is clear: “The new alliance should grow, more members are welcome. The first step of its foundation is done, now we invite more of Europe’s PGAs to become members of The European PGA Alliance. We would like to welcome both large and smaller associations to join us in promoting golf in Europe and strengthening each individual member on their respective markets. All members are sovereign, the work is based on voluntary participation and voluntary funding by the member countries. This ensures that the alliance members’ interests are always the top priority.”

Until the end of February 2023, both the PGA of Sweden and PGA of Germany had belonged to the Confederation of Professional Golf, the former PGAs of Europe; the British or rather the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland had already left in 2019. The largest PGAs in Europe are now completely re-forming under the umbrella of “The European PGA Alliance” and at the same time defining a precise alliance strategy for the benefit of its members. “Here it is all about cooperating closely with the other European PGAs, and also about the larger PGAs assisting the smaller PGAs, which should benefit from the experiences that we in Germany, for example, or our colleagues in Sweden have already had,” says Rainer Goldrian, PGA of Germany Managing Director.

Cooperation on a political and operational level, concrete collaboration on projects, sharing best practice examples, learning from each other and a concerted presence on the European golf market – and only on this market: This is what The European PGA Alliance is all about. “The new alliance is to be an association designed by the member countries for the benefit of the member countries, an absolute non-profit organisation that is exclusively about exchanging ideas, helping each other and supporting each other with expertise on a broad basis,” confirms Kariem Baraka, PGA of Germany President.

At the founding event for the new alliance, which was officially confirmed on 18 July 2023 in Liverpool during “The Open”, President Marcus Lindell, Vice President Mats Enquist and Managing Director Johan Hampf acted as official representatives for the PGA of Sweden. For the PGA of Germany, President Kariem Baraka and Managing Director Rainer Goldrian signed the foundation charter.

In the meantime, the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland as well as the PGAs of Norway, France and Spain have joined the alliance – other PGAs have indicated their interest in becoming members. Regular online meetings of the member countries’ representatives are planned at both political and operational levels, as well as an annual congress for members to attend. And a team championship for the member countries’ professionals is also on the founding associations’ wish list. The first meeting of the new The European PGA Alliance is scheduled for 21 to 24 November, when the members will set the first concrete objectives and guidelines.

PGAs interested in joining the new The European PGA Alliance can get more information from Johan Hampf and Rainer Goldrian.

For furher information, please contact Managing Director Johan Hampf at johan@pgasweden.com